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“Stevie, I’ve got this idea I thought might be good for you…”

A text from Paul Weller was the only inspiration Steve Pilgrim needed to finish the writing of his much-anticipated sixth album ‘Beautiful Blue’

Acclaimed songwriter Steve Pilgrim, who has played drums and sung with living legend Paul Weller for more than a decade, was in the middle of writing the songs of his life when a modern catalyst arrived. Pilgrim was reaching for humanity, humility and sanity in a fouled and confused pre-pandemic world of cultural unrest and rising extremism when the audio note landed.

That’s how they started, but it was the text from Weller that helped bring them together for critically-acclaimed songsmith Pilgrim. These sketches of songs, melodies and chord progressions became the beginning of a co-writing direction for Pilgrim/Weller and took the material to a new place, tugging and pushing the softly-spoken Scouser in new ways that only Weller could provoke.

With the aural assistance of string arrangements from the renowned Hannah Peel, ‘Beautiful Blue’ is the work of an artist who finds strength in still life and shouts loudest when whispering.

Additional Information

Release Date05/07/2024

Track list

1 New Sky

2 Lifeboat

3 Beautiful Blue

4 Test Of Faith

5 Bread And Honey

6 Whistle In The Wind

7 Don’t Let The Mirror Break You

8 One With All

9 Universe

10 Olive

11 Where Our Love Goes

12 Everyday


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