Sell Your Vinyl

Sell Your Vinyl

Looking to sell a collection? We are always on the hunt for excellent collections – generally vinyl records, top notch cassettes and players, but we also take in music books, memorabilia and more!

First steps:

Simply contact us with a brief list of your products and we will be in touch. Our stock buyers are available in-store most days of the week, but on occasion getting you a price may take us a couple of days.

From here, we’ll grade your products on a case-by-case basis – depending on quality, condition, pressing, demand and the sell-ability in our store! Our customers are vast and varied and we know them all well; some stock we’ll even pay you above other stores because we know we have the demand.

What we buy:

Vinyl Records / Cassettes

Formats: LPs, 7″, 12″, boxsets, special editions, limited editions, record bags, record boxes

Genres: rock, pop, indie, psych, prog, punk, metal, soul, funk, world, jazz, reggae, disco, folk, Beatles, classic rock, electronica, house, techno, rave, hip-hop, global, African, blues, rock & roll, and more.

We also buy rare DVDs and Blu Rays, Music books related to popular genres and artists/bands, special edition posters, merchandise and tour & gig promotional materials. However, we will only take these in with music format collections.

We do not buy 78s, or standard classical collections.

Equipment + Players

Type: Record Players, Cassette Players, Amps, Turntables, Speakers, Storage

These must all be clean, tested and in working condition, and as new as possible – with no cracked lids. If you are unable to test, we can do this for you!